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This webinar offers a deep-dive on leveraging automation for continuous DISA STIG compliance monitoring, remediation and reporting for VMware, Windows Server and Linux.

In this webinar you will see how to configure DISA STIG compliance and customize STIG checks, and we will also take a quick look at other capabilities Runecast offers for the government & defense sector.

Webinar footage:

  • 02:05 How to deploy Runecast to your environment
  • 06:00 Overview of the main dashboard
  • 11:09 DISA STIG compliance configuration
  • 15:03 Draft STIGs
  • 16:26 How to customize STIG checks
  • 17:19 Save time with remediation scripts
  • 18:33 Leverage historical data
  • 22:12 Discover other Runecast capabilities and how to use them:

            - 22:23 Detected Incidents

            - 23:43 Inventory

            - 26:30 Configuration Vault

            - 29:38 Best Practices

            - 30:42 HW Compatibility

            - 32:58 Capacity Management

            - 35:41 Host Failures Simulation

            - 39:42 KB Articles

              - 42:25 Log KB Articles

           - 44:23 Log Inspector

             - 49:35 Filters

  • 52:51 What are the capabilities for military customers
  • 55:13 Q&A

Key highlights to take away from the webinar!

Runecast was developed based on customer feedback from numerous military and defense-sector organizations (read more about compliance in the defense sector here). The Runecast platform automates continuous compliance, reporting, remediation, and historical analysis. It also generates remediation scripts automatically and supports various security standards, including DISA STIG and “draft STIGS” across vSphere, Windows and Linux environments. How can Runecast help you achieve DISA STIG compliance?



Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) represent configuration standards developed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). DISA STIG guidelines provide technical guidance to secure information, strengthen the security of software, hardware, and architecture and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Organizations that interface with the Department of Defence (DoD) systems are required to comply with DISA STIGs standards. In case of non-compliance, organizations might no longer be authorized to operate inside DoD networks.

Read more about DISA patch management & DoD STIG security

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